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Fun and Paid Surveys

Research doesn't always have to be serious. Why not use our skills to have a little fun? Would you like to know your Diet Personality? Dwarf Personality? Stress Personality? Money Personality? We've done a lot of segmentation work and provided it in a consumer friendly website with a cluster-calculator for each topic. Click on any of the links below to find out!

  • Individual Dynamics - TypeDoc
  • Do You Wish You Had Free Access To Professionally Analyzed Data About Your Personality Type? Our Research Is Based On Thousands Of Test Scores Analyzed By Psychologists And Statisticians! You can get free year's membership to the members only portion of by participation in Life Strategies Survey.

  • $500 for Telling Funny Stories
  • $500 for Telling Funny Focus Group Stories: Anyone who has spent much time on either side of the focus group mirror inevitably has dozens of funny stories to tell. Now you can earn a $500 research coupon for submitting yours to our archives.

  • $500 for Best and Worst Experiences
  • $500 for Best/Worst Experience in Focus Group Facilities: Beyond the price of entry requirements for most facilities (good recruiting, fair pricing), what are the things that make a focus group facility stand out in your mind? Take five minutes to tell us and you will earn a $500 coupon good towards your next rental.



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